What Is Indoor Skydiving?

Indoor skydiving is an activity wherein you get a realistic feeling, thrill, and adventure of freefall skydiving inside the safe environment of a vertical wind tunnel. Apart from indoor recreation, it is also used a training tool for real skydiving.

The air inside the vertical wind tunnel is pushed upwards at an approximate speed of 120 miles per hour. This enables the person to float and experience real skydiving like feeling inside the tunnel. This experience is also known as bodyflight, since the body floats inside the tunnel in a freefall. This is also developing as a new sort of sports in the recent years.

If you are concerned whether the Indoor skydiving is safe or not, then be assured that all the professional companies which operate indoor skydiving, have well-trained staff to train and instruct you as well as specially designed tunnels with safety measure to ensure your safe and enjoyable skydiving experience. Most importantly the instructors remain inside with you to ensure your safety.

As far as the history of Indoor Skydiving is concerned, the first person to skydive inside the tunnel was an American named Jack Tiffany, an accomplished skydiver with more than 3,000 jumps to his name! He did this in the year 1964, in a vertical wind tunnel at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

One big advantage of indoor skydiving over the outdoor skydiving is that there are not that many age restrictions. A child as small as 3 years old and an old person of even around 100 years of age can enjoy indoor skydiving. Although there are some exceptions, for example, pregnant women should not do indoor skydiving, and if you are over 250 pounds of weight some tunnels may not allow you to skydive. Also if you have medical problems like shoulder dislocations, and or back pain, neck pain or heart ailments then you consult with your doctor before going for it.

What To Wear Indoor Skydiving?

A good news for you. You do not have to remove your regular clothes for the flight suit. Just remember to wear comfortable casuals. Flight suit will be provided to you to put on and above your regular casual clothes. But be very particular about the shoes you wear. Wear only the soft-soled running or the lace-up shoes with socks. That is a must!

You are also provided with large sized goggles which can well fit over your spectacles in case you are wearing one. Apart from that, you are also provided with helmets and earplugs for the safety of your head and ears. All these wearables are especially suited for indoor skydiving are provided by all the wind tunnels.

Also be careful to remove any loose jewelry like rings, earrings, bangles, necklaces and watches and as well as your hair accessories because these items can flap around and create problems for you while inside the wind tunnel. Plus there can be a problem to safeguard these items once you visit the wind tunnel of your choice for indoor skydiving as generally there is no provision for the same. So better leave them safely at home.

One benefit of wearing the flight suits is that they are equipped with handles, which your instructors can clasp while you are floating inside the tunnel in case you need spotting.

What Does Indoor Skydiving Feel Like?

Indoor skydiving is full of thrill and exhilaration. If you are fun and adventure loving and like to get high on adrenaline then you must go for it. It gives the freedom of floating freely in the air like a bird. Just imagine yourself floating like that. Amazing, it would be! Right?

Remember, in the indoor skydiving there is nothing like jumping out of an aircraft like it happens in the outdoor skydiving, neither there is any requirement for the parachutes. So these two are its big advantages. Apart from these advantages, it is completely safe, simple and full of joy!

Any tunnel which you choose to visit for the skydiving will provide you with flight training and then they gear you up for the actual flight inside the wind tunnel. Since wind tunnel provides an authentic simulation of free fall you are bound to enjoy every moment of it. And being totally safe, you can enjoy it totally free of mind, without and hindrances!

As far as the time you spend floating inside the tunnel is concerned, it varies from the tunnel to tunnel. But it can be anywhere from 1 minute to 10 minutes per person. For instance, each flight of the highly popular iFLY indoor skydiving is 1 minute per person.


So now you can easily imagine, how it is like to do indoor skydiving. Believe us, you are going to have a blast of your lifetime! And many people do it multiple times in their life once they know the fun and thrill of it! So, what are you waiting for? Go and book the indoor skydiving flight in your nearest tunnel today!

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