How Much Is Indoor Skydiving? This query can be divided into two parts. First is the duration and second is the cost of indoor skydiving. Let’s take these one-by-one.

How Long Is Indoor Skydiving?

While the actual flight time inside the wind tunnel is just around 45 seconds to 2 minutes for most of the tunnels. You will be surprised to know that generally, it takes around 1/1/2 hours to 2 hours for the entire experience of indoor skydiving!Why is it so? Because the fun is not just limited to those few minutes of actual flying inside the tunnel but there are a whole lot of activities apart from that. And here is the normal distribution of your time at the tunnel:

  1. Check-in time: If you are a first-time indoor skydiver, then you should normally arrive 1 hour prior to the time slot you booked for flying. This allows you to complete formalities like check-in, completing the waiver etc.

    If you are a regular indoor skydiver, then you can arrive just 30 minutes prior to your scheduled flight time.

    A quick tip: Most of the tunnels allow online completing of waiver which will save your time at the location of the tunnel.

    There is also an observation deck at the tunnels where you are allowed to view other flyers already flying inside the tunnel. Most of the tunnels allow at least this much for free too! More importantly for a first timer, it is encouraging and exciting to watch others doing it and helps getting rid of any fear whatsoever you might be having, although there is nothing to be scared of indoor skydiving. It’s pure fun!
  2. Training time: Next you are taken for the training session. All the tunnels have qualified trainers. You are helped to wear the flight suit over your regular clothing. Special helmet and goggles (which you can easily wear over your spectacles) are also provided for your safety.

    Till you are an expert with multiple indoor skydiving flights experience, a trainer always accompanies you inside the tunnel for your safety. Generally, the training takes around 20 minutes for most of the tunnels. And normally it takes around 15 minutes to get dressed up with your flight equipment.A quick tip: Don’t overeat and don’t consume alcohol when you are going for the indoor skydiving.
  1. Actual Flight time: It varies from the tunnel to tunnel. Normally a single flight inside the wind tunnel is around 1 minute to 3 minutes depending upon the tunnel you choose. Also, you can book multiple flights with the tunnel of your choice and then you can have multiple rounds.

    You are accompanied by a trainer each time. Beginners can have 2-3 rounds of flights depending upon their choice. Also, you will be surprised to know that the actual time of freefall in outdoor skydiving from jumping out of the Airplane is 45 seconds. That’s why indoor skydiving gives you such a realistic feeling!
  2. Post Flight time: Once you are done with your flight or flights, you remove your entire flight equipment. Most of the tunnels provide you with photographs and video of your flight inside the tunnel. Some tunnels also provide you with a personalized certification. Of course, you are charged for the same and the price varies from the tunnel to tunnel.

What is the cost of Indoor Skydiving?

The cost of Indoor Skydiving varies from the tunnel to tunnel. Also, there are different packages for both the individuals and groups as well as for beginners and returning skydivers. Here are the details:

  1. Individual Packages: Some tunnels whose single flight is equal to 1-minute offer two flights in their beginner’s package. While tunnels whose single flight is equal to 2 or 3 minutes offer single flight in their beginner’s package. And the beginner’s package starts from as low as $34 in the case of Flyaway Indoor Skydiving up till $75 in the case of Vegas Indoor Skydiving. Almost all the tunnels provide decent discounts of up to 35% to their repeat customers. Again it varies from the tunnel to tunnel.
  2. Group Deals: All the tunnels offer lucrative discounts if you book a group package with them. Some tunnels even allow flying in a group. So all of you family members or friends or corporate colleagues can have a blast together. In fact, some tunnels also offer corporate meeting facilities and team building facilities on their premises. More importantly flying together in a group itself is a very good camaraderie-building exercise.

iFLY is the most popular tunnel brand in the USA. We will discuss their service and pricing in the next section of this article.

How Much Is iFLY Indoor Skydiving?

iFLY is undoubtedly the most popular indoor skydiving company in the United States. Also, it has the widest presence all across the states. In fact, they have 37 tunnels across the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia. They started their business in the year 1998.
For a first time individual beginner, their flight package starts from $59.95 while for a returning individual, it can be as low as $49.95. Now you can see how return customers benefit! And it is a great hobby, remember it.

Similarly, they offer attractive packages for the groups. Like 4 flights shared by 2 persons costs $139.95 while 10 flights shared by 5 persons costs $299.95 and so on. Now you can easily judge how the price per person reduces as the group size increases.

For an updated and latest information regarding the same, you can visit the following link on iFLY’s official website.

So now you have a fair amount of idea regarding the duration and cost of indoor skydiving. In case you have any further queries, please ask in the comment box below.

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