Indoor Skydiving Orlando history dates back to the year 1998. Orlando has the distinction to get the first-ever commercial indoor skydiving tunnel in the USA in the year 1998. This tunnel was started by SkyVenture back then, which was later renamed as iFLY Orlando in 2005. It is still one of the most popular tunnels in the USA as can be seen from nearly 5-star rating with almost 1700 positive reviews on TripAdvisor. Similarly, there is a 4.5-star rating on Google with 130+ positive reviews! This is a big shout-out to any newbies that if you happen to be in Orlando and considering indoor skydiving, go for iFLY Orlando!

Apart from the attractive flight packages for individuals, iFLY Orlando also offers standard packages for small as well as large groups up to 12 members of families, friends, birthday parties, corporate meets, etc. The price of these packages has been discussed in detail in the final section of this article. There is also a provision for customized packages for large groups for more than 12 members.

If you are a parent, you will be pleasantly surprised to know that iFLY Orlando also conducts educational field trips for the students of Elementary, Middle and High schools. They call it the STEM education program (which by the way, is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). It’s a great learning tool for students, for it teaches them the basic concepts of these subjects using the flying tunnel. So, that’s a practical learning full of fun!

There are reports that iFLY Orlando will shift its base to the premises of i-Drive in March 2017 packed with two latest designed tunnels.  

Indoor Skydiving Orlando Coupons

Indoor Skydiving OrlandoCoupons for a discount on regular price are not easily available for Indoor Skydiving in Orlando. They keep appearing on and off on some websites like Groupon, though there are no active deals right now over there.

But here is good news, BestofOrlando has listed a discount coupon of $5.95 for iFLY’s “Earn Your Wings” package at the time of writing this article. Instead of $59.95, you will get it at $54 (excluding taxes) Please click here to get the deal now!

Rush49 is also running a similar deal. You get  “Earn Your Wings” package at a price of $55, instead of $59.95, i.e. discount of $4.95. Click here to avail the deal now also runs some iFLY Promo Codes on its site time-to-time. Check for any active deals here.

Indoor Skydiving Orlando Prices

Here’s a good news for you. Prices of different Indoor Skydiving packages at iFLY Orlando are quite affordable compared to other tunnels in the USA1 

They offer the same 5 standard packages as are offered by other iFLY tunnels. Personalized flight certificate is included in the first 3 packages. Also in some packages, photographs or video clips have to be purchased separately. Generally, the price of a single photograph is $3.95 and price of a single video clip is $9.95 excluding taxes. Multiply this by the number of pictures or videos you want.

The details of current pricing of these packages (excluding sales tax, which is calculated at the checkout) are as follows:

  1. Earn Your Wings: Starter package for a single person which includes 2 flights. It is priced at $59.95. Photographs or video clips have to be purchased separately with this package.
  2. Spread Your Wings: Package for a single person which includes 4 flights at a discounted price of $99.95. Photographs or video clips have to be purchased separately with this package.
  3. Spread Your Wings For Two: Package for 2 persons which includes 2 flights for each of them, i.e. 4 flights in total. It is priced at $129.95. You also get 2 free video clips of your flight session with this package worth $20 otherwise.
  4. Family Package: Package for up to 5 persons sharing 10 flights between them. You also get 5 free video clips from your flight sessions with this package worth $50 otherwise. The cost of this package is $269.95. A valuable deal to enjoy with your friends and family, isn’t it? 
  5. Party Package: This is a Package for larger groups, up to 12 persons sharing 24 flights between them. You also get 12 free video clips from your flight sessions. This package is priced at $599.95.

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