Is Indoor Skydiving Safe? This question is on every newbie’s mind. Indoor skydiving allows you to have a realistic skydiving experience without spending a hefty amount and without undergoing the dangers of outdoor skydiving. Moreover, the duration of freefall is longer and you can have multiple flights as per your taste and fun. This important question can be divided further into following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Are There Any Injuries While Indoor Skydiving?

Considering the safety measures and design of tunnels these days, it is relatively a very safe activity. But you know it very well that there is a scope of injuries in every sporting activity. Similarly, there is a scope of minor injuries like slight bruises on collision with the tunnel walls. Or if you are flying in groups then there might be minor collisions with one another too. That is where your trainer helps you to avoid such minor injuries.

But be assured these injuries are very slight or almost negligible, taking into account the padded walls these days in tunnels as well as your flight equipment which is also designed to protect you against any injuries.

You may opt to wear knee or elbow pads for additional safety but be assured they are not required or mandatory as such. Just flight suit, helmet, and goggles above your regular street clothing are good enough to give you a decent protection.

Most importantly, as shared earlier, for your safety inside the tunnel, you are always accompanied by the trainer who guides your moments and ensures your safety apart from the training and safety measures you are provided beforehand.

Can One Breathe Normally Inside The Tunnel?

Some people have concerns regarding whether they can breathe easily inside the tunnel or not? The answer is yes. You just feel the wind on your face but breathing is as normal as it goes. No hassles at all.

At What Age One Can Fly Inside The Tunnel?

If you are concerned about the age factor, be assured that a child as small as 3 years old and an elder as old as 100 years can fly safely inside the tunnel.

How Much Body Weight Is Safe To Fly Inside The Tunnel?

As a thumb rule, if you weigh below 250 pounds, it is considered safe to fly inside the tunnel. Some tunnels like iFLY allow persons weighing up to 300 pounds too. But some extra precautions and restrictions may apply. So bring this to the attention of the management at the tunnel if you weigh anywhere between 250 to 300 pounds.

Are Flips, Turns And Tricks Safe To Do?

Beginners should not try any tricks or flips because they are not safe if you do not have any prior experience. But if you are confident enough then talk to your trainer. That may allow you to do some basic tricks like moving ahead and backward or up and down. But remember, don’t try it on your own initially. Do them only as per the instructions of your trainer.

Another thing to remember is that these tricks are a sort of Athletic activity. As you get more experienced in indoor skydiving, you will be able to do many more tricks. Just talk to your trainer!

Is Indoor Skydiving Fun?

Of course, it is. It is a pure fun. Apart from one of the best recreation activities, it is also a sort of sports. In fact, these days lots of indoor skydiving competitions and events are held around the world!

The best part is, apart from all the joy, happiness and thrill, it is an excellent form of cardiovascular exercise which helps you burn calories each time you fly inside the tunnel. In fact, a research by Airkix (now a part of iFLY) a few years ago had stated that a 26 minutes session in the wind tunnel is equivalent to burning 326 calories, which is huge.

Also, indoor skydiving brings into action all your body muscles during the freefall. Which again, is highly beneficial for your health.

Moreover, the pictures and video of your flight, which you can purchase after your flight, make it a memorable experience. So in a nutshell, apart from being a great exercise, it is great fun too!

Is Indoor Skydiving Scary?

No, on the contrary, it is very safe as we have explained at the beginning of this article. Jumping out of the plane from around 15,000 feet height in the outdoor skydiving with a parachute tied on your back might be scary for so many but not at all in the case of indoor skydiving.

The reason is, there is no jumping involved at all, leave aside the question of such a height. There is no parachuting involved. So what is there to be scared about? In fact nothing. Because we will reiterate again, you are in a super safe tunnel expertly designed for your safety and fun with all your safety enabled flight costume. And the biggest plus, your trainer accompanies you inside the tunnel. You might have a little anxiety being a first timer but it turns into joy as soon as you take a leap towards your first indoor skydive.

So, we hope this article addresses some of your most basic questions about indoor skydiving. And we are sure this will motivate you to take your first flight soon with some tunnel. In case you still have any query you may reach out to us. Please leave your views or queries in the comment box below.

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